How T.L.G'S products been made

Planting process
from seeds to fibers

“In Antiquity, linen was used to swath newborns but also for burial cloths. It is thus a fabric for life and death, a universal fabric, par excellence.” ——Antonio Marras, Kenzo

  • Selecting Seeds

  • Sowing

  • Flowering

  • Maturing

  • Harvesting

  • Retting

  • Flapping linen

  • Packing in bundles

Spinning process
-from flax to yarns

Weaving the supernatural Normandy Islands, with the ID European flax ®, most of the flax came to China. Now this living fiber will start another wonderful transformation journey from fiber to the finished fabric. This super-excellence raw materials, they have not only the outstanding for the fiber length, strength & splity , but also the superior col evenness, so that we will easy to understand why linen is so different no matter in his appearance or in his inside physical performance.

  • Hackling

  • Combinations Slivering

  • Roving

  • Bleaching

  • Wet Spinning

  • Drying

  • Auto Winding

  • Humidificating

  • Packing

Weaving process
-from yarn to greige

“I like linen because it is a noble fabric with unlimited possibilities” ——Giorgio Armani

  • Yarn Inspection

  • Sizing

  • Denting

  • Warping

  • Dyeing Yarn

  • Weaving

  • Gray Fabric Inspection

  • Mending

  • Packing

Dyeing&Printing process
-from greige to finished

Greige fabric is in ready, so our finished fabric began to take sharp. In order to satisfy the needs for the aesthetic demands from our customers, we will take this greige into pfd , dyed, and finished process and each process linked in and become the base for the next step. So whatever the singeing,desizing bleaching to beautify the fabric, or the dyeing stuff choosing, process selection to protect the environment. To get a perfect linen fabric, we pursuit our 100% completeness in our every detailed step.

  • Singeing

  • Desizing

  • Stentering

  • Continue Dyeing

  • Mercerizing

  • Stentering

  • Preshrunking

  • Hand Mending

  • Inspection

  • Packing

  • Storing

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About us

Founded in 2011,TONGLING LINEN GROUP is a leading company among china’s linen industry .we specialized in the production and sales of linen and other natural fiber’s yarns and fabrics.Been one of the European flax member and one of the biggest linen supplier from china we integrated spinning -weaving -dying into one body

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